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Hi there, Welcome to My Musings and Travel Stories! Elated to be here, embarking on my new journey of sharing my stories on this blog which is my first writing product, my first virtual space for my travel stories, my musings about happenings of my life, of the world, of the books I graze upon, of the movies/series I binge watch and so on.

And I am Ms. Vaishnavi Pattabiraman, a remote working Public Health Professional during the day while devoting rest of the time towards working outs  (yoga, tennis, hiking, walking/jogging), passionate gardening, home improvements, cooking, reading, movies, occasional socializing with a close knit of friends, planning and visualizing future travels, volunteering a little and from now on updating my blog posts on this site. I am nestled in one of the beautiful Greater Atlanta suburbs in GA, USA.


Whether you have accidentally stumbled upon my blog or got here through a word of mouth or through social media, I hope to enrich this blog with good content worth your time, and thanks for visiting my blog. So, feel free to browse this website, peek at my posts and leave constructive feedback/connect with me. Happy reading and Stay Blessed!

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